Wheat Field

 Educational Encounters

Our mobile farm encounters are currently POSTPONED due to personal circumstances.  All current bookings will be honoured and enquiries managed.  If you have had large bookings with us previously and were hoping to work with us again this year please enquire via hello@muckybucketfarm.co.uk as we are currently unsure as to how long the mobile farm will be postponed for and may be able to accommodate you.

Cuteness in the classroom

Our animals offer a great opportunity to learn outside. Whether it's nursery children learning their colours and counting or different key stages learning about adaptation and environment.  We can adapt our encounters to reflect what's being taught in the classroom.

We know the big kids like the animals too! Maybe your students are looking for an anxiety-busting activity during exam stresses or some confidence-boosting and warm and fuzzy comforts during their first few weeks in Halls.  Our animals are fantastic mood enhancers and brighten everyone's day.


You could have our animals visit you  and your students or community regularly.

Alpacas one month, small and fluffies the next, check out our monthly cuteness package.

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All day bucket full farm

Our larger mobile farm is great for school visits and can be adapted to support subjects being taught in the classroom or students' needs during stressful periods.  

The large variety of species offer a fantastic opportunity for education and interaction, we can accommodate multiple classes, year groups and ages.





Minimum booking

3 hrs



Pony & donkey

Pygmy goats




Rabbits & guinea pigs


3 hrs = £400

Additional hrs = £80


We bring everything we need for the animals.

 We need access to a tap to fill up our water containers if necessary

Access & Parking

Suitable space to manoeuvre and park 

Van: 5 m 

Trailer: 4 m

  Access wide enough for a single person.  Our animals can negotiate a few steps, ramps and can be walked through buildings.

Space Requirments

Our usual pen sizes are:

Pony's: 3m x 3m

Alpaca & sheep: 1.8m x 3m

Pygmy goats: 1.8m x 3.2m

Small animals: 1.8m x 1.2m

Chickens & Ducks: 1.8m x 1.2m

These sizes are flexible and can be set up attached or separately

Send pictures to be sure the space will accommodate us.

Approx no. of people

Suitable for:

All group sizes.

Multiple classes and year groups.

Offers a large variety of animals and still a personal and interactive experience.

How to book

Any further questions email: hello@muckybucketfarm.co.uk